Cardboard Sailing Boat for Story Telling

Create a sailing boat from a large piece of cardboard and use it for story telling and acting out role play scenes from familiar New Testament stories! fishing on the sea of galileeWe had a large cardboard box recently that we used for making a fun train track activity scene on the inside. On the outside I painted a simple boat shape with paint and stuck a long, thin piece of wooden edging rail through a hole at the top and bottom to become a mast. To this we tied some thin material to represent the sail, tossed a blue blanket on the floor to become the sea and added some cardboard fish (that are part of a counting project we are also working on.)

coin in the mouth of the fish
We put it in front of the sofa so that we could climb in and sit on it, and read stories together about the disciples on the Sea of Galilee and all of the wonderful accounts of their interactions with Jesus there. We read about the stilling of the storm, how the Lord Jesus walked on water and encouraged Peter to do the same, the coin in the fish’s mouth and others. The girls also pretended to do a bit of fishing and had a go at being tossed around in a strong storm and remembering how Jesus stopped the storm with such a simple, powerful command of “Peace, be still.”
Using props and storytelling aides can really bring the Bible to life for kids and make it easier to understand events as they happened.
Have you used story telling props or scenes during family worship? Have you got some ideas to add? thanks!

7 thoughts on “Cardboard Sailing Boat for Story Telling

  1. Looks fantastic and really glad you are doing a Christian site as well as your fantastic Imagination Tree. Just a really nosey question, hope you don’t mind me asking, are you planning on home educating your children as you are doing such a fantastic job already, or will they be going to school?

  2. A friend of ours did a very popular devotional play activity on Joshua and the story of Jericho, complete with trumpets, marching and cardboard walls tumbling down!

  3. That’s a great idea to paint the boat shape on the box 🙂 I like the artistic fish; if you make a blog post about them (on your other blog?) please be sure to give a link here, too. It sounds like you had a great time with the fishing stories in the Bible.

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