Resurrection Garden for Easter


Make a beautiful garden scene to represent the Resurrection and to help teach children about the powerful and incredible events in the Easter story.

resurrection garden title

Materials Needed:

a shallow dish or planter


small shrubs and flowers

a pot, empty tin or other cave-like object

a flat stone

two twigs and some string or a pipe cleaner

a plain peg doll (optional)

twig cross

First of all we bound the two twigs together using a brown pipe cleaner, to form a cross. We used this as a simple story telling prompt when retelling the story of the crucifixion. This is suitable on any day of the year of course, but particularly as a family worship idea for Good Friday.

Resurrection garden

Then we constructed a simple garden scene by planting the shrubs and flowers into a barrel and inserted the cross into the background. We used an empty tin garden planter to represent the tomb. We placed a little plain wood peg doll inside to represent Christ being buried and rolled the large stone in front of the tomb.

playing with resurrect garden

On Easter morning the children can come down to see the garden and find that the stone has been rolled away from the tomb and is completely empty inside. Read the passage from the Bible and celebrate together with songs and prayers!

stone rolled back from the tomb

“He is not here. He has risen. Come and see the place where He lay.”

Matthew chapter 28 verse 6

6 thoughts on “Resurrection Garden for Easter

  1. We made our first wee Resurrection Garden this year and it has been a great asset to our home this Easter season. I am excited about following this new venture!

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